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What Health Canada doesn’t say about EMF/RF Radiation and Cellphones

By March 9, 2015No Comments

Why is Health Canada not telling Canadians about the potential dangers of exposure to wireless EMF/RF radiation being emitted from these devices?

Would parents let their children sleep with cellphones under their pillows or allow wireless devices to be their constant companions if they knew it could increase risk of cancer? Would women tuck their cellphones in their bras if they knew that young women had developed breast cancers precisely where they had carried their phones? Would men, hoping to conceive healthy children, place laptops on their reproductive body parts if they knew of the science showing this type of exposure can cause sperm abnormalities?

Some countries have done more than just inform citizens of the increased risks of illness. In France, WiFi is banned from day care centers, and WiFi must be turned off when not in use in elementary schools. Taiwan has banned the use of electronic devices for children under two. Belgium made it illegal to market cellphones to children younger than seven years of age. Austrian physicians have guidelines to diagnose and treat patients reporting wireless radiation related health problems. While Health Canada procrastinates over issuing appropriate guidelines and recommending regulations based on the best available science, politicians in Ottawa are considering another approach.

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