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Wearable Technology Raises More EMF/RF Radiation Health Concerns

By March 24, 2015No Comments

The New York Times Adds Fuel to the EMF/RF Radiation Debate.

Wearable technology is raising health concerns worldwide. A recent New York Times article by Nick Bilton is raising important and unanswered questions about the safety of wearable tech, according to the non-profit research group, Environmental Health Trust (EHT). EHT believes, that in response to the article, several national media outlets such as Slate, Wired, and Medscape rushed to dismiss concerns raised by the NY Times piece and have each failed to report on growing evidence of harms linked with cell phones and other devices.

We are increasingly surrounded at home, in the office, and in public by wireless devices that emit microwave radiation. These include Wi-Fi routers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, cordless phones, wireless TV cable systems, smart meters, and baby monitors. Now corporations would like us to add wireless wearable technology to this mix.

The biologic and the epidemiologic research increasingly suggests that many types of non-ionizing, Electromagnetic Fields/ Radio Frequency Fields (EMF/RF) are producing harmful effects on us as well as animal and plant species. The weight of the scientific evidence produced in the last decade strongly supports the need for precautionary policy measures to be adopted immediately.

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