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Ronny Sweger

Former Green Beret and
Executive Director of The Foundation for Exceptional Warriors

"I have been using N8 for 12 months now and although I feel better overall I truly notice it when traveling. Volunteering takes me around the world and before N8 I was always dragging either while driving or after the airport. While I almost always have an N8 patch in my shoe and it's on all my electronics, I only drink N8 water when I travel. I have gone from dreading driving to driving more and farther because I arrive refreshed. There is no longer a need to fly early to allow for recovery time before meeting for events now because I don't arrive worn down anymore.

I love it that N8 can make a $15 bottle of red wine taste like a $30 bottle.

I have been with the inventor of N8 as he "tested" N8 with many people, but the most impressive was with Oklahoma University's football team conditioning coach. The coach was blown away by the strength and balance he gained when exposed to N8. Multiple Exceptional Warriors were there as well and they too were stunned by the difference that N8 provided them. "

Joe King

Legendary Pro/College Football Athlete and
Country Music Star

"Being an athlete over a 2 decades, I wish I would have had access to this kind of technology. While wearing the patches during my runs, I have noticed my oxygen capacity makes me feel as though I can run a longer distance than without it. I am a proponent of this patch every time I step in to the gym."

Joe Brammer

Marine Combat Veteran

"I’ve been using the N8 technology for a while and can’t say enough about it. My balance is noticeably better and I get so much more out of my workouts. More weight with extended reps, even with stretching I notice a difference. I feel more hydrated with the activated water. I even heal faster. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across this technology and thankful to have it become apart of my daily routine.

Stay activated."

Jimmy Houston

Legendary Hall of Fame Bass Pro Professional Fisherman and TV Outdoors Icon & Personality

"I’ve been using N8 State Performance Patches for quite some time now. I have em’ in my shoes for better balance, strength and flexibility! On my phone to protect my body from harmful electromagnetic radiation! Plus I drink N8 State Structured Water to help my endurance and keep my body hydrated and stay healthy! N8 State Water and N8 Performance Patches help me every single day!"

Sgt. Rodney Hickey USMC

USMC/Weapons Company Badass with two tours

"I was introduced to N8 about a year ago and it’s changed my ability to function on every level. A lot of veterans deal with fibromyalgia and for decades I have taken medication. Not anymore! Get activated, get off the pills, and give your internal organs a break! You won’t regret how good you will feel."