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N8 State’s patented technology works at the subatomic level, structuring force carrier bosons through Quantum Entanglement techniques to benefit and support cellular structure, including DNA. N8 especially utilizes the Power of the Photon on any aerobic organism, such as yourself. This subatomic elementary particle is responsible for all Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation and all Quantum of Light, and is a particle that is its own antiparticle, which can be structured to benefit your health. Every cell in your body has its own Electromagnetic field that communicates cell-to-cell, and with oxygen and hydrogen being part of the Photon family, it benefits your cellular structure, including DNA, to an optimal state of health.

N8’s structuring of the Photon allows N8’s technology to support cell-to-cell communication while oxygenating the body to increase hydration, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance, in addition to reducing oxidative stress upon your cells, all while guarding against DNA disruption and adding DNA healing support from the damages caused by Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation, also called Non-ionizing Radiation. N8 went to the best of the best in testing DNA for validity, getting the opportunity to conduct a human DNA study with the legendary professors Dr. N.P. Singh and Dr. Henery Lai from the University of Washington Bioengineering Department. The results are amazing and are available here.

We live in a world where we are constantly wired, connected, and switched on—on the phone, on the computer, in the car, always in front of screens, zooming all around. While not as harmful as heavy doses of ionizing radiation, the medical field keeps finding out that the low-grade electromagnetic radiation from these devices isn’t completely harmless.

N8’s structuring of subatomic particles and subtle energy fields is unique in returning them to an innate state. Quantum science tells us that all reactions involve a wave interaction, and all the subatomic particles that revolve around the nucleus of an atom emit waves. So, if we can change the waves, we can block the harmful reactions, thereby helping cells maintain their properties and oxygen intake (as compared to having potentially diminished cellular properties and oxygen intake after cells are zapped by EMR).

Debate still exists over the depth of danger involving low-grade radiation. Science generally presumes radiation exposure at any level carries a health risk, particularly as a cancer-causing phenomenon. Every cell phone’s manual warns of the risk. The risk is heightened when the device is closest to the body. Even a five-minute cellular phone call has been shown to impact users at a cellular level, and a 15-minute phone call can break DNA cell strands.

Radiation-emitting products are omnipresent. Smartphones, computer screens, televisions, vehicles, planes, trains, homes, schools, work, and wireless networks all produce low-grade radiation. Changing these potentially dangerous waves and subtle energy fields can help maintain healthy bodies at the cellular level, leading to overall improved health outcomes. Eventually, the goal is to use the technology to create similar safe zones around other radiation-emitting products.

While we know that the world is no sooner going back to the horse and buggy than it is to tin cans connected by a string, we want to do everything that we can to help offset some of the negative effects of the electromagnetic smog that is around us every day.

The world has now tested and seen the invisible carcinogenic threat to our health from a super-saturated technological society creating more Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation/Non-Ionizing Radiation affecting every aerobic organism, such as yourself, your pets, your plants, our agriculture, our farmed proteins, and more. Today, with the great advancements of Ai technology, 5G, Electric Cars, and other high-tech inventions comes the increased damage to our future assets of life—our cellular structure—including mutations to our DNA. Although we do need new technology to advance humanity, we can still find a way to work together in unity by protecting ourselves while using protected technology to heal ourselves. As we currently have an urgent need to become proactive ourselves to protect ourselves, advance ourselves, and heal ourselves, including our families’ future DNA. Together we can protect the future of all aerobic organisms on the planet. Let’s all get back to our innate state with N8 State!