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Protect your customers after they leave your facility. N8 State offers cellular level protection at their home, place of work, where they shop and in their vehicle.

What is it and how does N8 State Technology work?

N8 State offers your customers a patented technology that utilizes the power of the photon to provide the best, most effective and structured protection on the planet.

Blocks cellular disruption— Promotes proper cellular structure to communicate with other cells— Coherently oxygenating your body to increase strength, flexibility, and balance in addition to reducing oxidative stress and helping guard against DNA disruption from electromagnetic frequency radiation.

N8 State

Multipurpose and Body Packages

Body Patch is FDA Approved non-skin irritant, acid free & latex free.


Multipurpose High Adhesive Patches

N8 State

Photon Water


Email to see if N8 Photon Water is available in your area.


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