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Anti-WiFi Group Focusing On Campaign In Schools

By March 6, 2015No Comments

The inaugural meeting of Grandparents for Grandchildren, a group formed to voice concerns over the effects of EMF/RF Radiation by wireless technology on children, has begun.

Founder Dana Lynn Thomas, who herself suffers from Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) caused by EMF/RF radiation, told the group, “We are the canaries in the coal mine”, and their first task is “putting information out there” about the effects of EMF/RF radiation from cell towers, WiFi and devices such as cell phones, tablets, and more. “We can start with the schools because our concern is with the kids,” she said. “The whole problem is WiFi is in our neighborhoods”.

Marcus Schluschen, the area’s representative for Canadians for Safe Technology who’s CEO is former President of Microsoft Canada Frank Clegg (, told the group that Qualicum Beach and Nanaimo are the two worst places on Vancouver Island for people suffering from EHS, including his wife Benita.

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