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Brain Tumors From EMF/RF Radiation and 15 Reasons To Be Concerned

By March 3, 2015March 4th, 2015No Comments

Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern has been prepared to enable balanced reporting on the important subject of EMF/RF Radiation by 44 scientists from 14 countries.

The report provides information on scientific findings from studies on the risk of brain tumors from cellphone use. It includes studies independent of industry funding as well as telecommunications industry funded studies. Further, it includes background information on the soon to be published Telecom-funded Interphone study. In particular, the report’s purpose is to inform journalists and government officials of the independent scientific findings that raise red flags, and also to address the design flaws in the Interphone study protocol that results in an underestimation of the risk of brain tumors from cellphone use. This report is fully referenced to enable further investigations and for detailed fact checking. We urge all readers to review the results from independent studies on the risk of brain tumors from cellphone use discussed in this report, and to become familiar with the Interphone study’s design flaws (see Appendix 1, A Description of Interphone Study’s Design Flaws). We also urge readers to learn about the Precautionary Principle actions (see inside front cover) that can be implemented by governments and by individuals to greatly reduce cellphone radiation exposure (see Appendix 2, The Precautionary Principle Applied to Cellphone Use).

Studies, independent of industry, consistently show there is a “significant” risk of brain tumors from cellphone use. The electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure limits advocated by industry and used by governments are based on a false premise that a cellphone’s electromagnetic radiation has no biological effects except for heating. There are thousands of studies showing biological effects from electromagnetic radiation at exposure levels far below where heating occurs (non-thermal effects), such as The BioInitiative Report, yet the public is still not informed or left out in the dark. L. Lloyd Morgan, USA, Bioelectromagnetics Society, Electronics Engineer (retired) quoted, “Exposure to cellphone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some 4 billion participants enrolled. Science has shown increased risk of brain tumors from use of cellphones, as well as increased risk of eye cancer, salivary gland tumors, testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia. The public must be informed.”

Click the link to get all the information and read the full report: