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New French Law Regulates EMF/RF Exposure To Air

By February 24, 2015No Comments

France has a new governing law adopted by French deputies on the public exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency / Radio Frequency waves generated by wireless technologies, such as, relay antennas, mobile phones, tablets, etc…

Thursday, January 29 late morning, in favor of a parliamentary recess of the environmental group, the law was passed by all of the majority, while the UDI abstained.This is the first time in France to establish a precautionary approach to addressing potential health risks of electromagnetic / radio frequency.

In addition, WIFI has been banned in nurseries, schools, kindergartens and childcare centres across France that cater for children under the age of six. National Frequencies Regulator, L’Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR) has said, “Restrictions on WiFi access in schools are intended to reduce young children’s exposure to electromagnetic wave radiation, which the International Agency for Research on Cancer considers, “possibly carcinogenic”.

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