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Mrs Marks and the Kennedy Family Believe Cell Phone Radiation Nearly Killed Their Love One.

By February 21, 2015No Comments

PALM DESERT, California. In a world consistently going wireless, Ellie Marks, leader of the California Brain Tumors Association, shares her concerns while deciding to do the opposite.

Ellie Marks believes EMF/RF radiation from the most common, and even beloved technology around us today, nearly killed her husband. Alan Marks was diagnosed with Glioma, a type of tumor that starts in the brain or spine. In this case, his tumor was malignant.

One night in 2008, her husband Alan suffered a grand-mal seizure. In that same month, Senator Ted Kennedy suffered the same seizure, and received the same diagnosis. Mark’s son worked in Senator Kennedy’s office at the time. She says her son told her some information that changed her life.

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