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Wearable Tech Poses New EMF/RF Health Risks

By February 12, 2015No Comments

Thought Wearable Technology Is Always Helpful And Safe? You Might Want To Think Again.

With new products like the Apple Watch, Google Glass and Samsung Gear Live, the growing wearable tech trend is here to stay. However, recent reports have surfaced that show the potential harm of being around Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) / Radio Frequencies (RF) that phones, tablets, laptops, and wearables emit.

In order to avoid these health hazards, most companies try to use Bluetooth technology in their wearable products, which they say emits lower levels of EMF/ RF compared to smartphones, although the damage is still the same at your body’s cellular level. And other devices that rely on WiFi, are just as bad. But, the wireless industry argument goes, wearables emit lower energy levels than cellular-based smartphones.

But Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, is concerned about wearable tech. “The type of radiation matters,” he says. “Although there has been little research conducted on wearables, we know some of the potential risks related to traditional wireless tech.”

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