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South Africa’s Cancer Asso. Warns that EMF/RF Radiation Frys Young Brains

By December 13, 2014No Comments

The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) has issued a warning: Wireless devices such as cellphones are an enormous risks to children’s health.

Children face a higher risk of cancer than adults from prolonged and heavy cellphone use. Heavy cellphone users are those who spend more than 30 minutes a day for 10 years or longer on their ­cellphones. Studies in Europe have found the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs 10 times more Electromagnetic / Radio Frequency Radiation than that of an adult, while the brain tissue absorbs twice as much radiation. The World Health Organisation (WHO) published a ­report stating that extended cellphone usage may cause cancer. Dr Carl Albrecht from the Cancer Association of South Africa said the organisation is “quite concerned about children of whom millions have received cellphones when they were quite young”. Professor Michael Herbst, head of health at Cansa said, “Their skulls and brains are still developing and the EMF/RF Radiation from cellphones practically “cooks’ their brains”.

But major cellphone companies don’t think the latest finding is suddenly going to cause people to hang up. Richard Boorman, the executive head of media relations at ­Vodacom, said they understand that people have been concerned. It was very important, though, to put the findings into perspective, he said,“It (Past WHO report) clearly says there is a possibility that cellphones can cause cancer and not that it’s a risk”. Yet more and more reports globally on the dangers of the invisible threat of EMF/RF Radiation have been coming out to prove otherwise.

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