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Be EMF/RF Cautious When Buying Holiday Gifts This Season

By December 6, 2014No Comments

Shop Wise! Choose Android gifts that support the N8 State app to keep you and yours safe.

As you shop for gifts to give to our love ones or young children, “Please Don’t Forget” the danger from Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation / Radio Frequency Radiation emitted by phones, tablets, computers, baby monitors, wearables, and other cool gadgets that are available and especially dangerous to children. Please check carefully, as we check carefully to see the toy is recommended for our child’s age and presents no danger from choking, allergens or strangulation.

Researchers agree that EMF/RF Radiation is more dangerous to children than to adults, because their skulls are thinner and smaller, thus allowing radiation from a phone, tablet or baby monitor to penetrate deep into their young brains.

So please consider “Safety from EMF/RF Radiation” before you purchase a gift. Choosing an Android product, that supports and can download the N8 State app to protect you and your family, will make for a safe, happy, and protected holiday season!

News:Baby Monitor Health Warning : Devises may emit harmful EMF/RF Radiation: