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DNA Specialist Dr. Henry Lai on EMF/RF Radiation and Cancer

By January 18, 2015No Comments

Prof. Lai and his colleague Prof. Narendra N.P. Singh are globally considered the best DNA and Bio-engineering team on EMF/RF influence.

Being the specialist in this area of research for decades, Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh have conducted studies for The US Navy, National Institute of Health, and many more. What their findings found though, has been a major concern to public health around the world, and a major concern revealing bullying tactics from the Tele-Communications industry to hush the facts or face consequences.

After Dr Lai and Dr Singh’s research was published in 1995, Dr. Lai learned of an effort to discredit his work. In an internal company memo leaked to Microwave News, a publication that examines health and environmental effects of EMF/RF Radiation, Motorola described its plan to “War-Game” and undermine Prof. Lai and Prof. Singh’s research. After initially accepting industry funding for continued research from the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program (created to manage $25 million in research funds), Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh wrote an open letter to Microwave News questioning the new restrictions placed on their research by the funders. After that, the head of WTR sent a memo asking then presiding University of Washington president Richard McCormick to fire Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh. McCormick refused, but the dustup sent a clear message to Dr Lai and his colleagues.

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