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India’s Cellphones Not Properly Certified For SAR Radiation

By January 15, 2015No Comments

Forged documents are not revealing the real SAR Radiation levels through customs.

Bharat B Jain, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BNNSPEAG Test and Calibration Laboratory India Pvt Ltd, told dna news that he has come across some instances of fake SAR conformance certificates that were issued by a Delhi-based entity, AB Mobile Standards India Pvt Ltd. After review he decided to bring the matter to the attention of India’s customs.

In a  letter written by India’s only authorized  lab and certifier on the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of EMF/RF Radiation exposure from mobile devises, Jain wrote to the customs chief in New Delhi on the rampant misuse and violation of government rules. “This forging of SAR compliance certificate is not only causing a revenue loss to the test lab but also resulting in unchecked mobile phone radiation to general public”, Jain wrote in his letter to the Commissioner of Customs Bhushan Kumar Bansal.

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