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Nine Types of Cancer are Linked to Cell Phone Radiation

By November 21, 2014No Comments

Science experts, Apple founder Steve Wozniak, and former Microsoft President of Canada Frank Clegg all agree on EMF/RF Radiation facts.

Back in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a committee of 27 scientists from 14 different countries working on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation / Radio Frequency Radiation from cell phone use was a “possible carcinogen” and classified it into the 2B category. Being classified in the same 2B category as gasoline engine exhaust, the pesticide DDT, lead, burning coal and dry cleaning chemicals, the children’s health expert panel explained that, as of 2013, there are nine types of cancer linked to the EMF/RF radiation from cell phone use, noting what could become a new epidemic of EMF/RF cellphone and Wi-Fi induced cancers. Those cancers are, Glioma (brain cancer), Acoustic Neuroma (tumor on acoustic nerve), Leukemia, Meningioma (tumor of the meninges), Salivary Gland Cancer (parotid gland in cheek), Thyroid Cancer, Eye Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Breast Cancer. 

In addition to the scientists reporting the facts on EMF/RF Radiation, there are many technology experts and industry icons not afraid to express their views and acknowledge the invisible threat from being exposed to EMF/RF Radiation. Frank Clegg, formerly CEO of Microsoft Canada and founder of Canadians 4 Safe Technology, also commented on the adequacy of safety guidelines of the industry, saying “I am disappointed with industry, and regrets the lack of responsibility demonstrated by the technology sector in turning a blind eye to the biological realities of this radiation”. Apple’s founder Steve Wozniak on EMF/RF Radiation has also commented that “It is a known carcinogen and to stay away from it” and “I am not on the side of the cellphone industry”.

Click to hear from Apple founder Steve Wozniak:

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