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Kids Smartwatch Emits More EMF/RF Radiation Than Most Adult Phones

By October 30, 2014No Comments

Seoul, S. Korea- SK Telecom’s “Kids Phone JooN” has a higher SAR being three times higher on average than other smartphones.

Congresswoman Yu Seung-hee commented on the data submitted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, rating the “Kids Phone Joon” with a specific absorption rate of 1.46 watts/kilogram of radio-frequency energy per kilogram of body tissue. The United States FCC, and the South Korean Government limit exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency/Radio Frequency Radiation at 1.6 w/kg, with global standards at 2.0w/kg. However, children aged five or younger absorb electronics device radiation 1.5 times more than adults, and using the JooN smartwatches are highly likely to be exposed to radiation of more than 2.0 w/kg.

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