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Dr Devra Davis & Microsoft’s former Canada Pres. Frank Clegg talk about EMF/RF Radiation

By October 3, 2014No Comments

Dr Devra Davis from EHT, Environmental Health Trust, and Frank Clegg now with C4ST,Canadians for Safe Technology, discuss the invisible threat of Electromagnetic Radiation to our health.

Thanks to the Woman’s College Hospital in Canada and their pursuit on preventing diseases, they have brought together a key line-up of speakers specializing in the health hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation and the impacts to your health.

Dr. Davis and Mr. Clegg are just two of the speakers that gave an informative presentation on the dangers of Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation / Radio Frequency Radiation and a wake-up call reminder to be aware, know your exposure, and protect yourself. Their presentations are well worth the educational time to keep you up to date.

Click here to view the video of Dr. Devra Davis:

Click here to view the video of Mr. Frank Clegg: