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DNA study on N8 State app confirmed

By October 6, 2014No Comments

Committed to protection and technological excellence.

N8 State is proud to announce that we have concluded a non-bias contractual agreement with the Bioengineering Department of a top rank accredited University in the United States, to conduct and publish a DNA study on the protection of the N8 State app. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to say the name of the University, but we can say that they are the Best of the Best in the industry and very experienced in the field of DNA research and the influence of Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation and recognized globally for their accomplishments.

At N8 State, we are committed to People, Process, and Protection! We strive to provide our protective technology and make it applicable to the growing demand of technological products needed in the world. In addition, N8 State’s goal is to consistently produce more evidence of the damaging effects from Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation / Radio Frequency Radiation for the world to see, along with our own technological validation.

Stay tuned to hear more on the study or follow us on Twitter for updates…