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What are we doing to our kids?

By February 8, 2014February 9th, 2014No Comments

How much do we really know about children’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation? Some researchers may not agree on the long-term effects of exposure to EMR, but they all agree that early exposure is harmful to kids.

Click here to learn about Ethan from New Zealand, who died of a brain tumor at 10. Children all over the world are at risk every day all day long and they don’t understand the risks of this type of carcinogen. Check out the recent international comparison study showing how much exposure kids get at an early age.

You will be amazed!! Click here to read the study. 

Here’s a summary of the findings.

Chapter 3 Children and mobile phones – an overview

  • 65% of all children surveyed currently use a mobile phone; of those, 81% have a new handset.
  • 12 is the most common age for children to get their first mobile phone.
  • 27% of child mobile phone owners have a smartphone. Children’s smartphone ownership in India and Indonesia is double that of their parents.
  • Children whose parents own smartphones or feature phones are more likely to have one also.
  • Tablet use is relatively low with only 18% penetration in Egypt and Chile, 7% in Indonesia and between 5–7% in Japan and India.

Chapter 4 Children’s use of mobile phones

  • Initially, children use their mobile phone predominantly for calling; however, as they get older, messaging becomes the preferred choice of communication.
  • Nearly 24% and 20% of children in Indonesia and India respectively, send over 51 messages a day.
  • 54% of all child mobile phone users access the mobile internet; this increases to over 87% when looking exclusively at smartphone users.
  • 70% of all children who use the Internet through their phone access it at least once a day.
  • 11% of child mobile phone users surveyed listed their handset as their primary device for accessing the Internet; this increases to almost 32% among smartphone users.
  • Cameras are the most used pre-installed function on mobiles (75%) followed by music players (60%) and movie players (50%).

Chapter 5 Apps, social networking and other services

  • Of those children who access the Internet via their mobile phone, 57% download or use apps; this is highest in Chile (78%) and lowest in Egypt (44%).
  • Across all countries, entertainment apps are the most popular among children.
  • Entertainment is the only category of apps that children use more than their parents across all countries.
  • Information apps have the greatest increase in use as children get older, starting at 18% use for 8yr olds and rising to 36% at age 18. Although entertainment apps are the most popular, they are the only app category to decline from 90% use at age 10 to 77% at age 18.
  • 49% of children who access the Internet via a mobile phone use it for social networking. 45% of these have their profiles set to public; this is as high as 55% among 13-year olds.
  • 70% of children have met or started to communicate with “new friends” online.

Chapter 6 Parental concerns and digital literacy

  • Over 70% of parents have concerns about children’s mobile phone use, with viewing inappropriate sites and overuse sharing the highest percentage at around 82%.
  • Parents whose children use social networking sites are no more concerned about privacy than those whose children don’t.
  • 65% of all parents surveyed set rules on their children’s mobile phone use, but there was no common response to rule breaking across all countries.
  • Over 54% of parents who have access to parental control solutions use them; content filters are the most popular control method at 57%.
  • Almost 67% of parents believe that an adult in the family should educate their children about mobile phone use; this is a consistent preference across all countries.