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NEW Microsoft N8 State App Released

By April 9, 2015No Comments

The New N8 State Microsoft Desktop, Laptop, and Surface app is now available through the N8 State website.

Committed to protection of all and technological excellence, N8 State is proud to announce that we have completed our N8 technology testing and concluded the developed of our Microsoft Desktop and Laptop app for public use. The Microsoft app is currently only available for all Microsoft desktop computers, Microsoft running laptops, and all Microsoft Surface products. The Microsoft app is not intended for any Microsoft cell phones and will not work on a Microsoft cell phone. You can go to the N8State website to download the app through the PayPal/Credit Card payment system for $3.14. (per piece of protection Pi)

The Microsoft app will protect your body’s cells from Low-Grade Electromagnetic Frequency / Radio Frequency (EMF/RF) Radiation just like the Android app. Keeping in mind the main purpose of the app is to protect your cells from EMF/RF Radiation, the app will also have all the informational content such as News, Studies, Blog, etc, just like the original app to keep you informed. This app does however generate a bigger protection field, and the field can get larger depending on the size of your monitor or intensity of your WiFi. The app will have the “On” and “Off” features as well, so you can keep trying some of those muscle tests and really feel the power differences of the app when standing close to the computer screen while going back and forth with the On and Off button. In addition, keeping in mind that your cells are communicating coherently keeping their cellular properties and staying oxygenated instead of your cellular properties being deminished by EMF/RF Radiation, some test subjects have found that other medical ailments besides EHS seemed to lessen or go away while in front of the computer.

At N8 State we are committed to People, Process, and Protection. We strive to provide our protective technology to the growing demand of technological products used daily in society, with future hopes of protecting all users from the damages of the invisible EMF/RF Radiation threat.