I’ll have my brain cooked well done please…

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Children and adults are cooking up brains for the future

When you worry about the development of a child and the development of our future, you seldom think about the invisible threat of EMF/RFR to be a big factor of influence, as compared to the threat of illegal drugs or hanging out with the wrong person. But, the risk from a mobile phone, Wi-Fi, or a computer is a big risk that’s cooking your brain and body just as using a microwave oven to heat up your food, boil water, or cook that frozen dinner for the evening. It’s a hard fact to swallow, and a harder risk to ignore.

* Mobile phones operate at GSM/analogue at 900MHz (0.9GHz)

* Digital phones operate at (GSM/PCN/DECT) at 1800MHz (1.8GHz)

* G3 mobile phones are assigned to operate at 2200MHz (2.2GHz)

 * Microwave ovens operate at 915MHz and 2450MHz (0.915GHz – 2.45GHz)

Click here to get more of the facts; http://www.childrensfurniture.co.uk/phones.html