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Effects of EMF/RF Radiation to Red Blood Cells

By August 9, 2015No Comments

At N8 State we consistently strive to conduct and offer new innovating research in the field of EMF/RF radiation to provide proof of damaging effects, and proof of protection from N8 State.

Here are a few subject samples from an Independent study showing the harmful effects of low-grade Electromagnetic Frequency / Radio Frequency radiation to red blood cells. Each test subject had blood drawn immediately after each test, and then immediately viewed and filmed under microscope. The tests were conducted one after the other with no resting periods other than drawing blood.

The first image is the subject’s natural or baseline blood drawn before using a cell phone.

The second image is the subject’s blood drawn after a 5 minute cell phone call showing red blood cells(RBC’s) to flatten and cluster into what is called a rouleaux formation, an impact almost synonymous with signs of sickness as red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen.

The third image is the subject’s blood drawn after a 5 minute cell phone call using a cell phone protected. You will notice the blood drawn in the third image is similar and in some cases better than the natural blood drawn in the first image, bringing you back to your N8 state.