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Can Wearable Technology Hurt Your Vision?

By May 6, 2015No Comments

Essilor is a world leading provider of eyeglass lenses, with their number one priority being you, the customer, and they have something to say about wearables.

We live in a world full of constantly changing and evolving technology.  One of the latest trends in tech is wearable technologies, such as Google Glass, smart watches or fitness trackers. In the past, most of these technologies were created for professional and industrial use, but these new types of devices are also being incorporated into daily life and used by general consumers.

With wearable devices like Google Glass, users have access to a mini computer emitting EMF/RF Radiation everywhere they go with a small screen integrated into the lens. This allows users to take pictures, watch videos, get directions and even browse the internet. While all of this makes life much more interactive, it can also lead to a few risks

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