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An Open Letter on the danger of Wi-Fi in schools

By September 24, 2014No Comments

Deborah Kopald (BA, Harvard; MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management) writes an Open Letter on Wi-Fi to her alma mater.

Deborah is an environmental health and public policy consultant and author who has developed and overseen the passage of legislative initiatives and has served as a guest expert at various media outlets. In 2013, she organized and moderated The Conference on Corporate Interference with Science and Health in New York City. The conference proceedings were published in Reviews on Environmental Health.

Today, Microwave Sickness is known as Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). Symptoms can include but are not limited to extreme pounding headaches, blood pressure and heart rate changes, and muscular weakness in the presence of Wi-Fi and commensurate exposures. In Sweden, the government acknowledges that the problem, which it terms a functional impairment, is affecting 3% of its population and provides accommodation in the form of hospitals without Wi-Fi, wireless-free transport, schools and workplaces and wired and shielded housing to accommodate people.

The use of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies has created problems. In “An Open Letter to Phillips Exeter Academy about Wi-Fi”, Deborah writes to her alma mater, details on the public health problem Wi-Fi has created and some legal ramifications of its use. The letter is detailed with many scientific facts and informative links.

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