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N8’s patented technology blocks cellular disruption for any nearby aerobic organism, like your pets, family members, and even all your flowers, plants, or trees*.

N8 allows a plant or tree to gain optimum health benefits as it is an aerobic organism, like you. With N8, cells are able to properly communicate cell-to-cell, oxygenating your plant’s body while reducing oxidative stress to allow the plant to flourish happy, bigger and grow stronger while helping guard against DNA disruption from all the electromagnetic frequency radiation or non-ionizing radiation. Keep all your flowers and plants looking flourished and healthy to their maximum innate state with N8 State Plant Patches and see the N8 growing power in them.

Place any N8 high adhesive patch on the bottom of any plant holder/container/pot so that the patch is close to the bottom of the plant. If on the inside, make sure the adhesive is down and the N8 logo is up as not to touch the plant. If on the outside bottom of the container, place the high adhesive to where the N8 logo is facing down.(note: may require 2-4 patches depending on larger plant surfaces to cover the bottom surface well).

Note: * – the instructions are meant for potted plants. For flowers, plants, or trees planted in the ground, use a bottle of N8 Photon Water every other day or depending on the plants watering needs)

Notice: Any N8 patch with a red circle on the package indicates a high adhesive patch and is NOT approved for skin. Any N8 patch without a red circle on the packaging are FDA approved, non-skin irritant, latex and acid free.